In Vietnam I had one of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring experiences of my life. Myself and six travel companions decided it was a good idea to abseil into some Buddhist temples outside Hoi An. Most of us were terrified, but we were all determined to absorb every bit of adventure while travelling through this beautiful part of the world.

We arrived after a short trip from our hotel to look upon a spectacular set of temples built into the mountainside. The sheer genius involved in the design was unreal. It was around this time we realised just how high up we were going. It was also around this time we remembered what we’d come here to do, jump right back down again.

Climbing up to our first jump was not easy. Plenty of steps, and the fear of what I was about to do hovered over my head the entire way. After a brief practice session, we were away.

The first cave was easily the scariest. Just in terms of our first attempt and a small crowd of observers gathering around to witness our daredevil activities. I secretly think half of them wanted to see us fail, the other half were jealous.

The second jump was off the side of the mountain and down towards the main temple waiting area. By the time we were finished we had a large crowd of tourists and temple-goers watching and applauding as we each bounced off the rock wall to safety. Some of us were more graceful than others, but who really cared as long as we all got it done.

The third jump was by far the most awe inspiring. The longest by a fair margin, but that wasn’t what distinguished it from the others. It was the fact we abseiled directly into one of the most beautiful temples i’ve seen. Situated deep in the mountain, it was lit up in a spectacular display and it was a true reward to see it upon landing safely and completing our quest.

All three were adrenaline pumping. They were all spectacular, and I genuinely felt accomplished upon completion. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area, please give it a go. You will not be disappointed.