I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write well, or successfully. But, I do know that I truly enjoy doing it. It’s like being set free for lunch time as a kid in school. Nothing was in your way, and everything was a possibility. It doesn’t matter what thoughts leave your imagination and spill forth onto the page, the point is, those are your words and it’s now your page. I love that about writing. If I want to write about a 3 foot tall gopher named Paul who just loves getting into hijinks, and tormenting the lifeguard at the local swimming pool by urinating in his tuna salad sandwich then I will. I can. I might. Don’t tempt me. It’s still within my realm of possibility. I might make his fur turquoise. Her fur, her fur turquoise.

I’ve never liked being told what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. I’ve never liked to feel controlled and fenced in. Confined and contained, these are words that I view very negatively. So in everything I do, and in everything I enjoy, I try to rip down the barriers and fences hemming me in. Do things a little differently. Say things that others won’t. Be a little crazy. Naturally, there are consequences, but I find that’s where the true excitement begins, and if there is one thing that Paul, the female turquoise-furred gopher has taught us, it’s that being different, and acting a little strange, can make for a really interesting tale.

Tear down your fences, their fences, any fences; give quirky a go. You might like it.