So I turned a corner on the weekend and i’m desperately trying not to look back. I arrived out in the countryside Sunday afternoon and it’s just as I remember. The hills are sloping and beautifully green and farm animals can be seen scattered throughout the landscape. The birds are always singing some melody and there is deep feeling of peace to be found here. There is no reception so you forget your phone even exists. It’s currently being used to weigh down some prose I’ve put together over the last few days. The internet is painfully slow so sitting and scrolling through the web is more of a frustration then a past-time and I like it that way. I’m more relaxed and I’m thinking clearly again.

The geographic location of my parents property puts me excitingly close to so many beautiful places and i’m trying to see them all before I head up to work in the coming weeks. Today was a jaunt to Rainbow Beach just up the road. It was slow and quiet as it tends to be this time of year and the only real traffic comes from the backpackers who sport their tans and disheveled faces and keep the town running while the summer crowds hibernate in the major cities. Winter isn’t felt there unless you decide to get your feet wet. If you do you’re made aware of how brave or crazy the swimmers must be. The breeze is pleasant and the sun is warm all year round and it was nice to sit on the hill and watch the waves pound the shore. I managed to walk along the shore all the way to Inskip point without realizing it’s about 10 kilometres.  After the 20 kilometre round trip Winter certainly didn’t exist in my world and I have a nice rosy glow to my face to prove it.

Tomorrow I have decided to head up into the mountains for a few days. It’ll be beautiful and I’ll try document it as best I can.