The biggest change within myself over the past couple of years has been self confidence. The kind of confidence that allows me to finally believe I can achieve what it is I want to achieve. It’s taken me nearly 25 years to get here, but I guess slow and steady does win some races, or at the very least put me in pole position.

I’ve always wanted to write, and write well, and entertain everyone with my words and stories. Shit, I even hope to insult, offend, and belittle a few, at least that means they are potent creations. And while I always loved reading and writing, I always lacked the ability to look at something I had created and not be disgusted. I would promptly throw it away, or delete it. That no longer seems to be the case, in fact I make myself laugh, and I’ve saved and collected everything I’ve written be it 10 words or 10,000 and I’m pleased to say I think i’ll finally try write a novel. I may just have the discipline and conviction these days to get it done. It’s this drive that will get me over the line.