“It’s about being honest with yourself”, he couldn’t look more disgusted with her if he’d tried and he refused to meet her eyes. “You cannot stand there and tell me you didn’t want to do it. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.” His voice broke at the end of every sentence and it carried over the sound of the music. It was becoming increasingly evident to those around the bar that something was very wrong. Their disapproval mattered little to him. In fact he had blocked them out till all he could see was a blurred edge that perfectly framed her mascara streaked face. They had shared every significant milestone in life since they were fifteen and he felt like in one selfish act, or several as it were, she’d thrown acid on every memory he held dear. The happiness they’d generated together was melting, being stripped from his core and dissolving into a bleak empty mass. What was replacing it was anger, and hatred, and a bitter need for vengeance. Both his body and voice trembled as he started screaming at her. “Who the fuck is he? I want to know his name. You tell me his fucking name right now, do you underSTAND!?” The last shriek was enough to alert the security and she sat there silently crying as they threw him into the cold, wet street. His kicking and screaming were for naught and they had exiled him. The rain was a bittersweet occurrence and it masked his tears as he sobbed there in the gutter. It was over. He had never felt so betrayed and he had never been so powerless and he had never wanted so little. Completely and hopelessly alone. Her body was the hammer, her actions the violent overhead swing, and his body the bruised and battered remains of a once happy man.