I have always wanted to live in a different time, a different era. I think I was born too late and I really have missed all the things I actually enjoy. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Midnight In Paris’ then I recommend you do, and that pretty much sums me up. Is it so wrong to dream? The reality is I hate our generation and I hate the times we live in. Everything is incredibly expensive and people are, I swear, becoming more idiotic as the clock ticks by. I look over at a restaurant and see a group of scantily clad people photographing their Pho and I shake my head in embarrassment. A sense of shame for our generation and to the aliens looking down I really apologize. It’s not worth it, fly away.

I am not interested in quasi-conversation. I am not interested in chatting for a maximum of 30 seconds before you lose interest, if you even bothered to be interested in the first place. I do not care what snap chats your faux friends sent you this morning, or how long your streak is (I’m embarrassed to even know these terms, I guess I learnt too much listening to my work colleagues). I don’t care what message he/she sent you and I certainly do not give a shit about your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. I want you to look up from your phone, make eye contact with me, and have something genuine to say. It doesn’t hurt to listen to another person from time to time, not hear them, but listen to the meaning behind each word. It’s actually a rarity to see another human being on the streets and not see a little metal, plastic and glass parasite in their hands. I actively get angry when talking to most people these days. Call me old fashioned but it’s just not good manners to ignore people, friend or not.

Now I realise the fact I’m posting this on my blog is a little hypocritical but I have come to terms with that, and my own small sense of self loathing is a constant reminder. I also realise there are a scant few who buck the trend and to you I say thank you. You offer that slight glimmer of hope that not everyone has decayed into a zombified air head.

/end rant.