I am back. It feels good to be here again. The keys on my finger tips and the sound of this cheap keyboard clacking away.  It’s been over two months since I sat down to churn something out and like riding a bike or finding reasons to procrastinate, it never truly leaves you.

So where to start? I moved to the beach side and in the process of doing so I didn’t have a connection to the internet and more often than not failed to have phone reception.

The only thing between me and the ocean is a nature reserve which is truly a beautiful place to spend the afternoon wandering and slipping in the mud. I’ve found myself spending a majority of my time walking, swimming and running through the reserve and onto the beach and I have to say I’ve never felt more at peace. The air is so crisp and fresh you find yourself sniffing at it through the window like some lonely house cat. The sun is warm and yet it never feels like it’s ever going to be unbearable here. The sound of the ocean in the distance is relaxing. All in all this place is beautiful.

It’s not all sunshine and mud crabs though. I’m so far from anyone I know I am basically starting a brand new social circle and it sucks. I thought that would all disappear once you turned 20, not so much. My writing has suffered as well. The lack of internet to access this blog was enough of a reason for the rest of me to procrastinate as best I could and while I have had some great ideas while sleeping in the sand I’ve yet to turn any of it into prose. I’m hoping this post, my first post in weeks, will be a catalyst. My laptop died a day or so after moving and all my stories went with it. Another debilitating blow and I may have to cough up a decent chunk if I ever want to see them again. I really hate technology, because it clearly hates me. I ask you, how can you be with someone like that?

Anyway, you’ll hear from me soon! I hope.