So the beginning of today’s adventures were rough. For some unknown reason I keep taking myself to struggle street. The first order of the day was to get some coffee and disgusting food into me. After that Bram and I set out to see one of the 8 gates of Seoul upon a mountain. For some reason even though we were doing that I didn’t wear my hiking boots, big mistake. Once you leave the train station it’s all uphill and we were not prepared. We discovered that there was a pretty manageable walkway not too far from where we had already walked…oops. But before that discovery we found exercising equipment …on top of the mountain which has to be one of the more redundant things I’ve seen in South Korea so far. The walk became relatively easy after stumbling onto the walkway and we could appreciate the view without huffing and puffing.

It was now time for a snack and to make our way over to the Namsang Tower, or more commonly known as N Seoul Tower. The trek over was longer than we’d liked as we got lost hiking up the mountain looking for the cable car station, but after finding it things became quite cool. It’s 8,500 Won or roughly $10 for a round trip cable car ticket, but it’s definitely worth it if like me you came unprepared and didn’t wear adequate shoes to march on up the hill. This wasn’t quite the spectacular cable car ride as Miyajima and Hakone, but it is a pretty view nevertheless and gets the job done.

Once you’re up there the view is marvellous. We didn’t buy tickets to get to the top of the tower as you get the same basic thing and the city is usually under a fog in winter.

Despite being cold it really is a worthwhile trip and one of the little traditions that most people do, usually couples, is buy a lock and write a message of love on it before leaving it there to stand the test of time.



Heading to the train station for some music cafe was an arduous task as I was well and truly wiped out by now, and it was while sitting in the subway we realised we’d covered 12km today. I did not think that was going to happen when I woke up this morning feeling like death warmed up. Seoul really does have some spectacular things to offer and a lot of them are brilliant for the lover of the outdoors. Every mountain you see is hiked by the Koreans as often as they can get there, so you too as a visitor should get out and give them a go!
All in all this last day was nice, exhausting, but nice. Unfortunately it was marred a little bit when we realised that Vinyl & Plastic was shut. Mondays don’t seem to be a very busy day in Seoul, with most things being closed. Hopefully some delicious BBQ to send this lovely city off into the night will cure what ails me…