So my time in Japan has come to an end. It’s been a fantastic two months and I’m ecstatic that I chose to spontaneously get on that plane. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has followed me and joined me on this journey. You’ve made blogging an absolute pleasure.

I’ve spent my savings, exhausted my body, and fried my brain but everything gained more than makes up for the effort spent. Japan isn’t a particularly cheap place in relation to a lot of countries nearby, but it is a lot cheaper than Australia in almost every aspect. It’s going to be weird going home and not having to convert one currency into another in order to justify a purchase.

I could have spent my money ticking off a bunch of countries in Asia for shorter periods rather than this extended trip, but I am really glad I did it this way. I’ve travelled to Honshu, Kyushu, and Hokkaido which are three of the four major islands of Japan only leaving Shikoku out. I even managed to sneak a quick trip across the pond to South Korea in while I was in the area. On the way I got lost in Tokyo, floated next to a volcano in Hakone, ate my way to satisfaction in Osaka, marvelled at nature’s beauty in Kyoto, fed deer in Nara, climbed Mt Misen and wowed at the views of Hiroshima, enjoyed the sun’s rays at the beach in Fukuoka, drank myself stupid in Seoul, saw snow for the first time in Sapporo, and wandered the canals of Otaru.

I endured some testing times in the Hostel and met countless awesome travellers throughout both countries. I ate my body weight each day in local cuisine, and eventually outgrew my initial fear of attempting to speak Japanese in public (yes, this was a thing). I learnt that the Japanese people (and Koreans to a similar extent) are extremely guarded and my vision of a country full of enthusiastic, welcoming and friendly people was quickly replaced with one of disdain and coldness. I was blown away when I learned that the elderly in japan actively get together and work at being nuisances in public in order to slow everything and everyone down. I discovered that language apps teach you some pretty worthless Japanese since I never once heard “sayounara”, “oyasumi”, “matane”, “choushi wa dou?”, and a score of others in my entire time here.  I learnt that the Japanese cannot make coffee worth a damn, unless it has a Starbucks logo on it and nothing would brighten my morning more than seeing that Seattle brand on a wall nearby – my one constant connection to the western world most days.

I made life long friends, discovered some extreme talents, and fell in love with travelling solo. I’ve tried to document the majority of the publishable content on here and I really love the fact that my readership has grown by 400% since I began, not to mention all of you loyal Facebook followers! So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, like, follow, comment, criticise and hopefully enjoy my rants and ravings and blurry photos.

When I say I fell in love with solo travel I mean head over heals, boy meets girl in crowded room, flushed cheeks with subtle glances type love. It’s all I can think about and for once in my life I am thoroughly absorbed by an idea, and a desire to achieve it. So this isn’t the end of my ludicrous blogging, but rather the beginning of something that I hope to expand upon. I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure, and I can’t wait to bring you more. I promise it won’t be long.

Here are some of my favourite moments from the last few weeks!

Thank you all, again, for reading.

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