So I have finally finished editing my Go Pro footage from my travels to Japan and Korea. It wasn’t an easy task what with

  1. My laptop crashing 5 clips away from completion and then refusing to load it up again.
  2. Then to make matters worse it all corrupted and I had to start from scratch.
  3. Then it failed to save before my laptop crashed.
  4. Then it took a day to upload to Facebook only to have to denied due to the music being licensed.
  5. Then I had to reformat, redo the music (and I’m still not fully satisfied) using only free licensed music.
  6. Then as I upload it Facebook tried to tell me the clips belonged to someone else
  7. Now to make matters worse it flat out refuses to upload to my blog here so I have to leave you with this link to my video on my Facebook. I have no clue if this will be viewable to anyone not on my friends list but it’s worth a shot.

Good lord I hate technology! So uh, to say I’m a little bit exasperated by this little project is an understatement.

You can now view a newer version of the video here

(If you want to hear it how I intended play Wake up by The Arcade Fire as the car trip starts, and Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men as it finishes)

I apologise if it doesn’t work, I’m practically a walking, talking, tech-dummy.

I want to say thank you to everyone I met along the way for making the trip a memorable one and I want to say thank you again to everyone who reads this blog. Without you all joining me on various adventures it wouldn’t have been as awesome, so thank you.

If all fails today I hope I make you feel better by looking at this photo of my dogs:


You can now view a newer version of the video here