So since I’ve returned home I figured I might as well introduce you all to where it is I live. I did a brief introductory piece a few months back where I describe the nature reserve quite accurately. Nothing much has changed since then. I still spend all my spare time trudging around in the nature reserve. I swim a lot, in fact I’ve realised it’s all basically one gigantic lap pool – bye bye $5 entry to swim. When the tide is out it creates a 4km one way walking track from house to the edge of the ocean. This becomes my daily exercise routine and running through the sand is a great way to appreciate solid ground. It’s never too hot here and if it is the water is always waiting with its welcoming wet embrace. There is plenty of wildlife to admire and my favourite to search out are stingrays which I find to be quite graceful. That is if you don’t step on them while you wade through the waters at low tide, then they are less graceful and more painful.

I’ve been keeping my GoPro busy taking all kinds of shots while being back here. I’m here to share them with you today.

These first few are the adventures of the pups at low tide…


I’ve had a recent fascination with filming the sunsets and starry nights around my house because we are in the enviable situation where we are close to the beach and there are barely any other houses around to pollute the air with light. The stars like to come out to play and the views are quite nice, even when I’m failing at taking photos of them.


As for the stingrays I enjoy watching…

This one is only a baby, there are some monstrous ones here, but they’re also extremely quick and I failed to get a shot.

Today was a trip down to get some pictures of the creek at high tide, i’ll let you be the judge on the differences in colours and beauty between the two.

I also let my GoPro film some time lapses

There was one of myself and the pups doing laps up and down the creek but it unfortunately refused to upload!

So there we have it, my backyard. It’s quite literally a 200 metre walk through away from my back door, with nothing in between us except some Australian bush land and the mangroves that lead up to it. It’s quite the place to relax and recharge your batteries…