Fukuoka was quite a nice place, but it lacked the entertainment and excitement factors of previous cities. I made the mistake of booking for too long in Fukuoka and even the Hostel managers reacted with a little shock when they heard i’d be staying for 5 nights. I would recommend it for a brief stay, 1 maybe 2 nights tops. Nevertheless, there are some cool things to see and do in Fukuoka and here is my list of favourites from my time there!


I stayed at Guest House Kaine while in Fukuoka and it was quite lovely, except for a few rude individuals you can read about in my Hostel Chronicles. It was a rather quaint little guest house and kept to mostly traditional Japanese styles with the addition of bunk beds for the dorms. It was a little pricey compared to all of the other places I stayed at throughout my trip but it was very central, and very clean so I can’t really complain.

Getting there: From Hakata Station (where the shinkansen stops) it’s a relatively easy journey to Guest House Kaine. You simply hop on the Kuko Line and get off at Nakasukawabata station, then walk around 500 metres and you’re there. Should come to a total around 200 yen.

Cost: It comes to around $33 AUD a night which as I said is pricey, but you can do worse.


Major Attractions

Fukuoka adventures

Ohori Park

It is truly a beautiful place to spend your day. In fact I spent a few there sitting in the sun by the lake and watching the ducks dive for weeds. It’s a short walk from multiple subway stops, the closest being Ohori-Koen. It’s a marvellous area to stroll around and you can even visit Fukuoka’s prominent castle grounds nearby. There is even the added bonus of being a Starbucks right there next to the lake for comfort and convenience.

Getting there: As mentioned the easiest way is to take the subway and get off at Ohori-Koen station. From most stations this will cost you between 200-260 yen.

Cost: The beauty of this place is it’s free! A coffee will set you back the usual Starbucks prices.


Yatai Ramen

So one of the gems that I discovered with my friend of the day Ken was the little pop up ramen and bbq tents that spring up in the evenings along the main canals. I had no idea what these things were, but as it turns out they’re a wonderful decision to make. They’re quite small and there’s usually a crowd but that just tells you how delicious the food is within.

Getting there: Just walk along any of the main canals in the middle of Fukuoka and you’re sure to find them!

Cost: 700 yen for a big bowl of Ramen. Not sure on the cost of the BBQ, but I would imagine it’d be reasonable as well.

Momochi Seaside Park

This was the other extremely lovely place to relax in Fukuoka. It’s a little harder to get to than Ohori Park as it’s further away from most central areas but it’s not too bad. It’s quite a nice beach, very open and there are multiple things to do in addition to just relaxing in the sunshine. For starters there is Fukuoka Tower to explore, and then the Robotics centre or Robosquare right next to that if you’re into high tech contraptions. Then there is the Fukuoka City Museum as well. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Fukuoka !

Getting there: Hop on a bus and make your way there – either a 20 minute bus ride from Hakata Station, or a 10-20 minute ride from Tenjin Station – both costing 230 yen.

Cost: The beach is free, everything else will cost you. Entry to Fukuoka Tower will set you back 800 yen but it is 20% cheaper for foreigners who have their passport. The Museum will set you back 200 yen, and the Robosquare is FREE


There we have it my top things to do in Fukuoka! I can also recommend making a trip out of town and venturing down to one of the many famous hot spring areas nearby like the town of Beppu. I did not go there myself, but I heard multiple accounts of how excellent they are.