My first ever post, and some fun travel memories within.

Mistakes & Adventures

I’ve always wanted to travel. The thing I failed to realise until quite recently is even though it took me till July of 2015 to travel overseas, I was already quite an experienced traveller. I’ve been around Australia twice, which is no mean feat considering it’s size and the sheer amount of excellence and beauty this country has to offer. The first time I was four years old and frankly the only memory I have is canoeing down the Lawn Hill gorge screaming my lungs out as the freshwater crocodiles and rocking of the boat further exasperated me. The second time I was a little older and I have many fond memories of the trip.

I’ve never known what I wanted to do in my life, and I’ve always got a different answer to that depressing question “what do you want to be?”. Over the last few years it has become very…

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