I’ve been away for a bit in order to replenish my energy after what was two weeks of pretty intense creative flourish. I hit a roadblock in terms of ideas for the novel I have fallen in love with writing, and I decided that the best thing for me to do is to step away from it for a time and let things settle. After all there is no point crashing into that roadblock when I can step back, widen the scope, and discover a way around it. So far, all that has been achieved is reminding myself how much I really do enjoy sitting here tapping away at the keys.

I’ve been rereading some of my previous short stories thinking that maybe it might shed some new light for me, but alas nothing. I did realise one important element to my work and that is the fact that I write clearly and creatively when I go off pure instinct. I’ve never been a planner and I find my work to be dull and overly intellectual if I go through and plan ahead. There’s an immense sense of satisfaction I get reading prose I’ve written off the cuff and in these moments some of my favourite phrases are created from thin air. Seemingly generated from dust, sunlight, cat fur and coffee – the main elements that join me daily at my desk.

I’m not worried about it which is an improvement from earlier examples of creative stasis. I know everything will solve itself, and I feel like the key to it will be letting things reveal themselves through simply living life and seeing what falls forward. Until then I thought I’d do a daily post to keep myself busy, and keep in contact with all of you lovely people who read my blog.

Much love.