Hello, and welcome to my new followers. It’s great to have my readership build steadily every day and I really appreciate you all so much! I really do get a sense of joy out of writing these posts and having more and more people join me is heart warming, so again, thank you. Now, to today’s rumblings:

My parents love going on cruises. It’s something they enjoy doing twice a year to various regions around the planet and it’s refreshing to see them enjoy travelling, finally, in their own style. Their next trip is to take a cruise around South East Asia over the course of a month or so and in the planning I’ve found myself being of some use to them. Just yesterday I saved them some money as they were about to pay for long stay Visas that they didn’t need and it got me thinking; I haven’t really written anything helpful or useful in relation to South East Asia for this blog and I think it’s time to get started. This is especially so considering the fact that the majority of my travel has been in that region.

Following on from my recent posts about my travels in Japan and South Korea I will be doing a step by step look at all the cities and countries I’ve been to in the South East Asia region and hopefully will shed some light on some truly fantastic experiences everyone should have at least once in their adventures. Don’t worry, I will be adding in the finer details this time.

I’ll try get the first of these going early next week as this weekend is about alcohol and St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which reminds me, happy St Patrick’s Day everyone. Stay tuned for more.