Does anyone else get sick and tired of click bait titles like these?

The photos this famous actress is fighting over will shock you!

You won’t believe how quickly everything changes when you apply these three simple rules!

The twitter beef is heating up over her baby daddy – what caused it will blow your mind!

And so on.

They’re basically the title equivalent of “Click here to see this one simple trick that will make her orgasm”, and “Are you being taxed too high? We can help.” It seems like there isn’t a website these days that doesn’t try these at any given chance, and all it says about us is that they think we’re thick with the attention spans rivalling that of pond fish. I happen to think that last bit is true. I’ve ranted about how technology has killed a majority of people’s ability to have a conversation previous which you can read about below:


Unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll get any better. In fact, how can it? If the only thing we see frequently due to ease of access is click bait garbage why would our attention spans increase any?
What happened to the days of coming up with a witty title and of getting by on the merit of your content and the flow of your words? I fear they are long since behind us and now the best way to capture people’s attention for whatever meagre span you can you need a combination of vague promises, sex, scandal, celebrity, and irrelevant intrigue – even if you happen to be trying to sell your favourite celery soup recipe. Just remember to hint that it was that exact recipe that caused the twitter scandal involving some form of celebrity in a questionable sex act which vaguely promises to become a meme next week.

Happy click baiting everyone!


  • Yes that is me as a small child