So I am looking into doing another budget backpacking trip because…well just because I guess. I’m thinking I’d like to see the rest of SE Asia and Asia in the next few months and I’ve decided to try and set myself the challenge of doing the whole thing with only my 30L backpack and not my 70L bag.

So to anyone who has any advice for me in regards to how to achieve this I’d be glad to hear it. I am pretty good at going with less is better, I’ve read a few blogs already that have advice on the matter but any additional advice on

  • Essential tips to packing
  • Essential items to pack
  • Experiences doing a trip like this
  • Which size backpack would be ideal (I have a 30L but i’m not against looking into bigger)
  • Any additional items I should have to make this easier (compartments etc)

Please let me know below

As always I’d love to hear stories of your times travelling this way so feel free to lay anecdotes on me.