So a week ago there was a pretty heavy storm hit my house due to the thrashings of a tropical cyclone’s last attempts of showering us with love. In the process we lost our phone line and internet and naturally it’s taken our phone company at least this long to remedy the issue. So I’m currently perched up against the window on the second floor writing this out using the last few MB of USB Internet Data. I think as a way of just letting you all know I’m sorry about the lack of content.

As is often the case when the world of technology fails us I’ve started becoming way more productive with my free time. Reading books instead of reading Facebook statuses, learning new facts instead of learning new gossip, and I think the big difference is that I find myself sleeping a lot earlier now without access to an online world that would stimulate my brain well into the early hours. This of course is obvious, and was obvious to me the moment I worked out at remote sites over the years – your lack of connection combined with physical exhaustion during the day meant you had no desire or need to stay up late. Blackouts caused by storms are another great example, the entire suburb goes quiet and is in bed by 9pm on a stormy night.

The downside is I haven’t been able to do any real planning of my travels due to zero connection and that’s a little frustrating. This has been replaced by reading books on science, philosophy, and general knowledge. Books of fiction and non-fiction alike have filled my head and as was the case a few weeks ago (No longer lost at sea…) I find myself hungry for more and stimulated to the point that I want to create again.

I guess I just felt the need to put something out there to keep in touch with you all, and to produce anything as the desire to do so was becoming a little all consuming. Hopefully I get access to the net again soon so I can return to regular posts, but I wouldn’t be too upset if I got a few more days of peace and quiet. Unplugged from it all isn’t so bad.

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