So I don’t normally write my blog in the morning (god morgon (just about all I know of Swedish) to you all) but the idea came quickly and it’s simple enough; I am going to disappear from the internet.

Take a breath, I’m not going to unplug 100%, as is the message in this TED talk. Basically, I’m going to try become an internet minimalist, unless it serves a purpose or I absolutely need it, I won’t be doing or using it. I think we’re all aware of how intrusive social media is these days. Aware, and yet it continues to intrude, and getting more intrusive as we advance. It’s a subject I like to talk about, and I’ve written about it

Here (No Internet and the Differences It Makes)

Here (It’s beginning to get to me)

And written about some productivity improvements here No longer lost at sea…

Essentially the message of the TED talk was how intrusive the internet can be when overused, but what a beautiful tool it is when used sporadically. I’d like to find that happy medium because currently the waves of guilt that hit me as I scroll through Facebook during Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and as I watch YouTube video after YouTube video are beginning to get a bit much. In fact suffice it to say the only joy I get out of the internet are from these three things:

  • My blog and writing for you guys – Truly makes me happy
  • A small collection of friends via chat who I wouldn’t be able to speak to due to distance and who better me with their conversation
  • That moment I learn something new and interesting from the vast Library that is the Internet

And that’s about it. The rest feels like busywork, a poisonous distraction, and if i’m serious about any of the things I wrote in my bucket list then I need to be more productive with the hours in the day.

So I’ve set myself the challenge that I’ll stick to only those aforementioned things that bring me joy via the Internet, and useful things like Google maps, Travel related sites (aeroplane tickets, hostel booking etc), and only the bare basic communication. No more scrolling, no more click bait, no more memes, no more enjoyment from internet arguments in comments sections, no more procrastination at the hands of a virtual library.

Wish me luck!

By the way I just woke up to 648 followers and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone.

My reaction seeing the follows…

I remember when I first started writing this thing and I would look upon all the blogs with huge readerships of 500, 600, 700 etc and think that was unobtainable so thank you for proving doubtful James wrong! It makes me feel so special to know the dribble I write is being read even by one other person. Thank you again.