Finally the terrible wet weather has broken and the sun has returned to us here by the bay. Which means finally some exercise that isn’t futsal could be done and one of the ways I’ve been exercising lately is to take the two furry rascals down to the beach nearby. I walk for a minimum of two hours, and then 2 v 1 them with the futsal ball – it doesn’t go well for me, but it has helped me regain something of my touch back which was sorely needed.


I don’t know if you can make out the Eagle here…

Today was no different other than the fact that we finally got to photograph the submerged 4×4 that I’ve stumbled upon once or twice in the past.


Why on Earth you’d bother risking it is beyond me, but seeing the shells and coral growing on it is kinda cool so thank you to whom ever it belonged to.



Low tide might not be as scenic as high tide but it opens up kilometres of space to act like an overgrown child in. I am nothing if not an overgrown child.


Honestly, this area would be the ultimate hang out spot for kids in my opinion. The adventures you could go on the moment you left the yard would be spectacular. Having said that as an adult I’m glad they never bother it helps with the serenity, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’d have been wrecking someone’s afternoon here as a kid.


Ah well, each to their own. That’s my piece for today! I hope you all have a great weekend and spoil your mothers. I’m off to Brisbane this weekend so maybe I’ll have plenty of stories come Monday.