Howdy folks! So after a wild weekend I finally recovered yesterday to then immediately injure my leg at futsal, and so now I’m stuck blogging. Today I am looking for some advice and insight. I was thinking that I really should invest in a decent camera. Sure, my GoPro is serving me well and I really enjoy all the features, but the quality of photos it produces is sub par compared to those of actual cameras. Obviously it excels at taking videos so I’m not about to toss it into the back of my cupboard, but I would like something that can work in conjunction with it. This is where you clever people come in! If any of you know much about cameras I would LOVE some assistance in this endeavour as I truly know nothing and I don’t want to get swindled by some sales person.

The criteria I’m looking to fill are:

  • Ideal travelling weight – so not too heavy and not too ridiculously bulky.
  • Durable – we all know what hazards the world throws at us while adventuring.
  • Moderately priced – I don’t mind spending a bit of cash now for continued quality many years down the track.
  • I’d be looking to take nature and landscape pictures with it so a camera that excels at that would be perfect
  • I do love the night sky so the ability to capture the milky way in it’s glory is a plus
  • User Friendly – Well look at me…

Feel free to post any advice you may have below 🙂

Speaking of photos I was lucky enough to take some nice ones yesterday while on a lunch date. Here is my home town 🙂


Peace 🙂