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Mistakes & Adventures

Cautiously navigating his way to the ute he found the radio and called for help.

“Hello, John are you there? Everything’s gone tits up mate, no lights on the ute and no hi-beams on the helmet. I’m down on level 15 can you get down here and give us a hand?”


“Anyone? I’m on level 15 with no lights.”


“Guys, this isn’t funny! I can’t see my nose to scratch it, get down here.”


Why wasn’t this thing working? They couldn’t blast with his tag still on the board so at the very least at the end of his 12 hour shift someone would be down to get him. He’d been sent down to perform a routine check up of all substations for levels 14 and below and it’d been one giant fuck up from the start.

“Now what do I do?” His voice echoed down the…

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