You can’t take it anymore,
Eyes clenched shut,
Eyelids a fleshy shield,
A futile attempt to find protection,
The harsh cement floors chill the skin,
Once again left cowering in a dark corner,
Suffocated by impenetrable bars,
Surrounded by menacing walls,
“Please go away”,
A plea to no one and anyone,
“Make it go away”,
A broken voice heavy with desperation,
In a deep guttural tone the labyrinth answers,
Distant noises from deep within echo menacingly,
The shuffling of sprawling feet,
The clanging of the cumbersome rusted key,
A symbol of hope,
Your way out,
The only way out,
Tied to a heavy, constricting belt,
Wrapped around its powerful expansive body,
Horror infuses the air in the room,
A whimper escapes the darkness,
“Please not again”,
Memories of its last visit thrash their way around,
Twisting their way through a tormented aching mind,
Dread floods the senses as the realisation sets in,
It will be upon you again,
It will take what it wants,
It will dangle that key agonisingly close,
Forever just out of reach,
As the begging begins,
It will enjoy the terror in your eyes,
You will try to fight it,
Faith sticks to your sweaty skin like a slimy armour,
If only for a taste of salvation,
A battle you need to win,
An understanding of futility deep within,
Freedom a tantalising mirage,
Escape always dancing around you,
Tears gently tickling swollen cheeks,
You come to think,
You can’t take it anymore.