It’s always nice when you discover beautiful places near your home that you had no idea existed. I’d never have even considered it if my friend hadn’t suggested a day trip out to a nearby national park. In the spirit of adventure I agreed and I’m glad I did. I quickly discovered that in addition to beautiful beaches and quaint cafes we’re privy to quite a few amazing little camping spots that just scream “Australia”. Gum tree lined pools of water, huge lakes to kayak on and 4×4 trails to get lost on are just the beginning.Here are some of the photos and videos of my Saturday just passed.

Lenthalls Dam


Wongi Waterholes*

*Name’s a bit deceptive as there aren’t really waterholes. Rather a billabong/river type set up – still beautiful

Some of the wetlands along the driveΒ 
Quintessential Australian Swimming HoleΒ 
Shame it’s winter


Burrum Heads

A nice little seaside surprise barely 10 minutes up the road from my house. I can imagine an afternoon sat eating fresh caught fish and chips would be marvelous.

Sun showing off
Picture Perfect .
Source of the fish.


The Whale Festival

My evening was quite entertaining as I decided to head into town and check out the Hervey Bay Whale Festival. I was told it was an interesting display of floats, fireworks, music and crowds and I can’t think of a more accurate description. Walking along the usually mellow esplanade I began to notice whole families setting up deckchairs along the sides of the road. If that wasn’t strange enough they began to multiply until almost every last inch of moveable space along the side of the main road was taken up by children, and patient parents. I have to say I found it entertaining and it’s worth a visit if you happen to be in the area to celebrate.

Sunset in Hervey Bay

All in all it was a lovely day which I did not anticipate when I crawled out of bed that morning. Those do tend to be the best kinds of days though. Just a reminder to say yes to the next opportunity that comes my way.

An Idiot