Words mean nothing,
They’ve been relegated to that of passing whims,
Fleeting fancies,
Something you need to do to keep up the facade,
Used primarily as camouflage,
They’re now disposable and worthless,
Ever increasing in their fragility,
Spoken on one breath and shattered the next,
Like a plague on our honour,
Deception and placation,
Dishonesty and Disingenuity,
Powerful if all we have is dribbled falsities,
They say actions speak louder than words,
A mantra that requires repeating,
The next time you hear promises hastily made,
Just don’t shy away from your chance,
It will arrive swiftly and with fanfare,
You can be the difference,
Say what you mean,
And mean what you say,
Use your actions for the betterment of those in your life,
If you strive for this in a world of shameful whispers,
You will be the loudest of us all.