So I’ve been mulling over the old travel memories lately while staring out my window looking for inspiration. A series of memories in Japan sprung to mind and I can’t shake them. They’re bittersweet memories in that at the time I was incredibly uncomfortable but now I find immense value in the experience of it – lugging my bloody backpack through busy train stations, airports and bus depots. I’m sure anyone who has travelled knows this pain and it literally is a pain for me. My left shoulder becomes utterly excruciating after heaving and hoiking my gear about. So it lead me to this question and my topic for today’s post:Β What the hell do you pack in your travel bags?

It can be anything along the lines of:
Items you can’t live without
Items of pure luxury that you know you don’t need, but will inevitably take anyway. Items for survival or safety.
Items of comfort
Items for utility.
Do you travel light or are you an overpacker?
Do you typically underpack and buy as you go?
Do you have a small or large backpack – do you fill them?
How much is too much?
How little is too little?
Any neat tips or tricks you want to share? (My back would appreciate it)
Anything else that springs to mind that can fit into this category!

I’d love this to be a community question similar to my “Cheap Travel” or “The Writing Process…You and I” post where you the dear readers add to the comments and tell me all about what it is you take with you on your adventures. Who knows, it may save me from a painful shoulder and the bemused glances of thousands of Japanese residents as I drag my weighty 70L bag around.

Have at it!

Here are my answers:
Since Japan I’ve opted to try to always travel light. As light as possible in fact.
I recently bought a lightweight umbrella, a few travel cubes, toiletries pack and travel towel, a smaller (30L) backpack to replace my 70L. I think I’ll try cut down on excessive clothing and rely on washing frequently as I go. I’ve found winter gear to be the biggest pest in terms of space and the downside for me is a lot of the places I want to visit are cold.

I’m sure I can come up with a few more as this goes along

Hope to hear from you soon πŸ˜›