A bit of an anecdote that I felt like sharing. I lay curled up in my bed last night with the fan blowing on my face. I remember wishing it were colder as an already cool breeze flowed through the windows. As if triggering itself my mind transported me back to a warm memory of freezing cold nights and a smile crept on my face. I’m now eight months separated from that little futon bed in an outer suburb of Sapporo, Japan. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I recalled that first night in minus 10 degree temperatures. A completely new concept for a country boy from Australia (or most Australians at that) and I was not prepared. I thought I’d be fine doing my usual wear basically nothing and snuggle under the blankets… I was so wrong. I was so cold that night that my outer extremities hurt. My feet were physically so painful that I had to curl myself into the tightest ball that someone 6’3 can manage. This was difficult in multiple ways but the hardest part was that I like to move about when I sleep, and staying perfectly still in this weird ball position was the only way to stay warm. Obviously that make shift ball wasn’t enough and I eventually realised thermal socks were necessary to make it through. There’s something about that memory that still makes me grin like a foolish child. I was so naive and so excited that night. All the cold nights I had experienced were suddenly trumped in a few painful moments as I lay there. It was a fine way to cap out that first night. A night where I had just seen snow for the first time in my life. I had just walked around in it, and just slipped over on the icy path, and sure that all probably sounds run of the mill to most but to me it was a special time.


All in all probably seems like a bit of a nothing memory. Something about it invokes a little happiness for me though.
Do you have any memories that do something similar for you? Doesn’t have to be travel related. Leave them in the comments if they’re suitable for sharing 😛