As my sun drenched (read: burnt) back hits my mattress for the first time the quiet night sky is disturbed with a sound that could only be one of two things: Firstly, an animal struggling to digest food while mid-orgy, or secondly, me in agony, and it’s pretty safe to say no animals have eaten anything near my room lately.
My friend from work and I have Tuesdays off together. Naturally, the both of us are quite into adventuring around randomly and so Tuesdays are now exploration day. The first of which was to Rainbow beach as he had never been there (He’s from the Czech Republic so it’s not surprising) and I know the area quite well after many years living nearby. What a great decision this was! I should probably preamble this a little by explaining that Radim is an avid traveller and an amazing photographer (Radim’s Instagram) and this whole day was designed so he could get out and see some more of Australia. This was the first of what we hope is many trips around the area each week when we have days off together.

Ok so…

The 5.20am wake up wasn’t ideal… mornings can jump off a large bridge. However, being able to arrive at rainbow around 7.30am was perfect. From start to finish he was like a kid in a toy store coming into christmas.

First up was Seary’s Creek –

Radim’s photo of Seary’s
My photos 🙂 
Fire water


And like the rest of the places we ventured it was completely empty. Seary’s Creek requires a lack of people to truly be enjoyed, or so I’ve found. It’s too small to be able to handle too many people and any kind of noise (children are the worst) ruins it. We really did get the best out of it and it was a nice first stop.

Next up on le grand adventure was of course the main beach to show him what was in store for later before taking him to the famous Carlo Sandblow. Again, kid in a candy store.

Radim stalking me
GOPR2644_Moment (2)
Me stalking Radim


So photogenic


Truly amazing view.

A few hours of sun and surf and an Italian lunch had us ready for the final trek of the day: A 2km hike through the rain forest to an elevated lake.


You enter this clearing to find white sand banks and a dark blue/black water and you can’t help but let out a “wow”. There is nothing to disturb the peace beyond a few birds enjoying the water. We had the place to ourselves for at least an hour as Radim flew the drone around and I soaked in the tea tree water. I would love to tell you where this small piece of paradise is… but I’m currently keeping it secret from a few friends that I plan to take next week – so information pending 😛

The only downside to the day was the excruciating sunburn the following day. My legs still hurt and it’s now Thursday night.

And so concludes part 1 of Adventure Tuesdays – probably going to be a regular addition to this blog as we travel about the nearby area’s and try get some relaxing done.

Thanks for reading xx