So I usually post about poetry, travel, funny (idiotic) stuff I do and every now and then a little dose of wisdom. Tonight’s post is some recent wisdom I’ve awoken from a very long and dusty slumber. This might be obvious to some and to those people I say… please read anyway.

We’re all creatures of habit. Sure, some might argue they’re not, but ultimately when it boils down to the core of us all we are to varying degrees habitual. Recently, and by complete accident, I discovered how easy it is to change yourself by changing little things in your daily routine.

So production on my blog basically disappeared over the last few months while I was starting to settle into work. I lost motivation to write and at times when I had motivation I had nothing creative come forth. Too tired, too worried, and too busy to worry about being tired. Three or more months went by and my views dropped to nearly nothing, and the followers slowed to a trickle. I was happy with what I had achieved this year, but it could have been better had I not abandoned MistakesandAdventures in late August.

Yet in the busiest time of the year for me in terms of working hours I’ve managed to turn it around again. I’m full of motivation, and creatively the words seem to pour out of me every night as I sit down to dinner (or the occasional 2am inspirational jot down). I’m still as tired: my feet hurt the same, my shoulder is absolutely killing me, and I get home around 11:30pm each night as usual… so what changed?
A lot of little things, and by design.

Instead of waking up at midday, eating, and going straight to work…
I now get up at 10… exercise, swim, and eat healthy which seems to give me a better energy throughout the day.
Instead of coming home and binge eating shit from ‘FastFoodOutlet#5’
I do my best to cook a meal and cut out the crap even if it is 12:30am when I get to eat dinner most nights.
Instead of coming home and sitting in front of a television or watching random stuff on youtube
I have made it habit to make sure I pull out the laptop and write down some thoughts for the day – within 5 minutes I have a poem.
Instead of leaving my room a mess because…. who cares?
I make sure I keep it clean so that even if the rest of my day is shocking and I achieve nothing I get to come home to a made bed.

All of these things were tough to do at first, because I was so tired, and because a lot of them felt like chores anyway… but something changed over time. They soon became the new reality and the new habit. I had replaced the old shitty habits that kept me drained and defeated with things that while time and energy consuming definitely gave me a boost. My energy levels are higher and my confidence this week just past is probably the highest it’s ever been in my life. A new spring to my step and smile on my face!

So, I guess if there is a message to everyone else it is this: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, defeated, down, hopeless, fat, lazy, (insert negative view of yourself here) then just know that you have the power to change all of it. Just start with something small like cleaning your room, or making your bed, and working from there. Get up earlier and eat a little healthier. Do a dance in your room because why the fuck not? All of these things can be done in minutes, sometimes faster, and I promise you once you start to change the little things the big changes will soon follow!



Even tired James can be fun James