I love this city. It’s by far my favourite so far in all my travels. Better than Tokyo, and Seoul, and Vienna, and <insert all the other capitals here>. Not to say it won’t be outdone somewhere, but I really have loved my time spent here.
I made countless friends at the hostel which made it even better. Exploring a beautiful city is one thing but exploring it with friends is on a whole new level. Goes to show how important picking the right accommodation can be.

On my last few nights in Prague I ate and drank a lot. If you have me on instagram you know this already. Pork, rabbit, chicken, pork, duck, potatoes, sausages, on and on we go. My crowning moment was ordering a 1.5kg plate of pork knuckle, much to the amusement of the restaurant and waiter, and finishing it, much to the utter shock of the waiter and the restaurant. Suck it Germans in the back table who were giving me shit.


Of course the next day was a little less fun


After we ate most of the pork in Prague we decided that going on a night hike to the Letna lookout was a good idea to get some night photos of Prague. It was a kind of let down to be honest. We were told you could see the castle from here – wrong. We also went off track to try find the castle and basically failed. We then went to Charles Bridge to try get some nice night shots… this also failed for me. I arrived on the bridge to take my shot and at 12:59 and 45 seconds I started the 20 countdown on my camera… and at 1am they turn the lights off. Let’s just say I was a tad furious.

Here are what I got – you’ll have to excuse me because I’m terrible at photography


The next morning was rough as the above photo of me cringing shows. Saying good bye to my friends was also rough, but some of them I’ll be sure to see again (already received multiple inappropriate voice msgs from Augusto aka Argentinian 3).

And then I headed to Berlin. In true Czech style it was pretty bloody simple to get to the bus station and then find the proper bus – thank you Prague for being so bloody wonderful. 10/10.

Berlin Beckons —