It has been a while. I’ve been incredibly busy and incredibly unmotivated lately. These are about to change!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday and I had a wonderful day with my new Canadian based friends. Though it was a good day I did have a little bit of an inward look at what I want with the rest of my life. As I travel and enjoy my days I realise that this is the kind of life I want to keep on living. I want to travel the world, stay connected with you all, take photos and entertain you all with my words. So today I’m going to actively begin trying to build up my life around these core elements. Hopefully I’ll see some positive results!

I’ll start posting more frequently, starting with tomorrow. In the meantime please enjoy these last few Canadian themed posts

Lake Minnewanka
The Hoodoo’s
New Home
Lake Louise (One of three trips)

I’ll be posting about a number of places I’ve been since my last post including

  • Johnson’s Canyon
  • Kayaking up the Bow River to Vermillion Lake
  • Jasper
    Maligne Lake
    Various Hiking trails
    Icefield Parkway
  • The Banff Area
    Sulphur Mountain
    Tunnel Mountain
    Peyto Lake
  • Being Homeless
  • Finding a job (repeatedly)

Any many more fun topics.

See you all soon!