It’s been a long time since I wrote on here. I’ve been a powerful combination of lazy, hedonistic and preoccupied. Yet, here I am. I’m back! I’ve missed this place, and I’ve missed you all.

While I was gone many things have transpired including Christmas, New Years, a new trip booked and planned, and this blog hit 4,000 followers.

Christmas was spent working (by choice) and trying to make as much moola as I can for my upcoming trip to Colombia. Ditto for new years. Work ended up being the perfect escape from these two days that I typically don’t enjoy each year. Finally, the 4,000 milestone means so much to me. A huge thank you to everyone who has found their way to me here and continues to read my words. I’m going to reignite this blog as of today and start producing more consistent content. I’m still in transition moving my poetry off of here and onto my new poetry blog. You can find that link below if you’d like to continue reading my poetry. This blog will become a travel based site over the next few weeks – a bit of cleaning up still to do.

Stay tuned!

Thank you again everyone, and Happy New Year ! (Only a week late)

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