1. I’ve noticed a few things in my time travelling. Things that only experience will teach you.
  2. Beer is always better when you’ve had to sweat for something.
  3. Human kindness will harass you until you give in, and accept it is everywhere. When you do this the world seems brighter.
  4. The fundamentals give way to the niche when things start to get dicey. Knowledge only  gets you so far. Thinking on your feet will take you to great heights.
  5. Company is best kept close when you can’t get away from yourself.
  6. The places you find when you search blindly tend to be the sweetest nectar.
  7. The challenges you face daily are your chances to exercise your character, your spirit, your fortitude, your wisdom. They come to you freely, take them, use them, grow stronger with each routine, each repetition, each bump, bang and bruise. You’ll surprise yourself each time you survive.
  8. The people you most need to meet are already there, you just haven’t met them yet.
  9. Saying hello is a powerful tool, it’s the bridge between humanity and connection.
  10. Smile with your eyes and your actions; the rewards are boundless.