Oh delicate thing,
I thought I could save you,
I held you in my hand,
To make you whole again,
Don’t you understand?
I was wrong,
You delicate thing,
All you needed was a friend,
A little light in your life,
A little support,
A little nourishment,
A little less strife,
I believed I could illuminate the darkness,
Oh delicate thing,
I’m sorry I wasn’t enough,
My rays failed,
But you tried to be tough,
As you wilted in shadow,
And withered in pain,
I failed you,
Time and time again,
Isolated in that bed,
I must have been fucked in the head,
To focus on them instead,
Oh delicate thing,
Please forgive me,
I understand it must have been hard to see,
Swathed in black,
Swallowed and consumed,
I thought you would make it,
I guess I presumed,
They would leave you be,
Allow you to retreat,
Trampled by hordes of hateful feet,
Lost to angry soles,
I never thought they’d walk all over you,
You were beautiful,
You just never knew,
They were only green with envy,
And I’m several shades of blue,
Oh delicate thing,
To see you this way,
Crushed by the weight,
I wish I could help,
But I know I’m too late.